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Head Teacher’s Desk

Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Blooming Greens School, the preferred learning destination, the school where you want to be; as a student, a teacher, and as a parent; a unique blend of learning and discovery,

a school where we develop the whole child to become an independent thinker and life-long learner with high levels of self-respect and self-esteem and high personal standards for learning. We develop the children in our care to have a love for learning and an understanding of how we can achieve our best in everything we do. We nurture critical thinking skills and develop a depth of understanding through being aware of individual learning styles and making sure that all our learning is stimulating, engaging, challenging and relevant. Our aim is for all students to develop the attributes, knowledge and skills necessary to become confident, responsible and effective global citizens, adaptable to the rapidly changing demands of the 21st Century.

At Blooming Greens School, we have well qualified and experienced teachers for each year group. Teachers that themselves know and understand the importance of being life-long learners but also know their area of specialism very well. This expert team will collaborate together to plan your child’s ‘learning journey’ through Blooming Greens and beyond.

Getting the best education possible for your child is the most important task for all parents, as a parent of 2 children I aim to give my children the best possible foundation in life to set them up to grow into well rounded, well educated, global citizens. As an educator for more than 30 years, my passion has been to strive towards giving children the best education possible and so I feel privileged to be the Head Teacher of this exciting, growing school. I bring my education and leadership experiences from UK, Africa, South America and Europe to ensure that you will receive a warm and personal approach, so that you will see that we are ‘committed to excellence’ in everything we do.

As Malcolm X said “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” So, give your children the best preparation for their future lives by choosing Blooming Greens School.