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Blooming Greens School was established to cater for children from 3months to 11years. With our purposed built magnificent buildings and well equipped classrooms and laboratories, children are well engaged with life shaping activities.

Ours is a warm community that consciously involves parents in the learning processes of their children. This is done through constant feedback on the progress of every child. At Blooming Greens School, our mantra of “Every Child Matters” is pursued with all sense of seriousness. We are committed to bringing out the best of every child in order to maximize their potential.

At Blooming Greens School, teaching is differentiated to address the need of every category of learner. Learning experience of the high flyers is enriched with extended learning while a special programme of intervention is organized to bring the ‘Up-and-Coming’ up to speed. This is rigorously implemented and monitored for its success to be visible in no time.

Our Crèche and Bloomers classes are fully equipped with both equipment and staff which includes a full nurse who attends to any medical need. This apartment enjoys uninterrupted power supply with a dedicated inverter for backup in times of power outage.

All classes and special laboratories are equipped with Interactive White Boards (IWB). This makes teaching and learning very effective by attending to various learning styles in the classroom. Thus, visual learners, auditory learners, and all other learning styles are adequately catered for in every lesson.

At Blooming Greens School, learning is never confined to only the four walls of the classroom; children get outdoor experiences by taking teaching to locations outside the classroom. This could be within the school premises, or even educational trips within and outside the country.

Our teachers are well motivated and are passionate about delivering world class educational services using cutting edge facilities. They are constantly exposed to local and international professional trainings to keep them abreast with global practices. They adopt international best practices in their lesson delivery, thereby providing an academic education of the highest possible standard. We lay strong emphasis on academic excellence, moral uprightness and high attainment in a wide variety of activities.

Within the very short period of our existence, the school has recorded many great achievements. Our passion and commitment to excellence, which we will never compromise for anything, has been very rewarding. The school is growing steadily and rapidly such that some of our classes have reached their maximum capacity. We look forward to having you as a member of our warm family.

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