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Career Day at Blooming Greens School was an exciting time that exposed our children to a wide range of professions, sparking their curiosity and igniting their dreams for the future. The event brought together professionals from various fields who showcased their expertise through engaging displays 
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It was an exciting time today as our pupils came to school dressed in different career outfits. Some of our parents took time out to come speak to the children about different career options. Our pupils were encouraged to explore their interests and passion, and 
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We had our Science Fair/Exhibition for our key stage pupils. It was such a fun learning experience for us as the keystage one pupils took turns to practically explain what they have been taught in their science classes. Our Keystage 2 pupils (years 3-6) also 
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We discussed extensively on the aspects of money; as a legal tender/means of exchange with the children. We discussed the trade by barter system of exchange as well as international trade, different currency of the world and exchange rates. Thereafter the children took turns to 
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