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School Uniform

At Blooming Greens school our uniform depicts our name having a fine blend of the different shades of green, encouraging our pupils to develop sense of style, personal pride and positive behaviour. All the pupils are expected to observe the school’s dress code at all times with sense of dignity. Parents are encouraged to reinforce that uniform are consistent with school’s policy.

EYFS AND KEY STAGES 1&2 (Nursery and Primary)


• Plain emerald green short sleeve shirt
• Emerald green/bottle green checkered short (smartly fitted)
• Plain black shoes
• Black customised socks
• Plain black v-neck cardigan
• Short hair neatly cut.


• Pleated emerald/bottle green checkered dress with emerald green collar and sleeve.
• Plain black shoes
• Plain customised socks
• Black v-neck cardigan
• Low cut/ plaited hair packed to the back.( Very long hair,
attachment and weaves are not allowed)
• Beads and hair ruffles are not allowed.
• Studded earrings are allowed. (no loops, no bracelets or necklaces are allowed.)
• Wrist watches with leather straps(optional)

Pre-school (Bloomers & Creche)

• Children in this section dress in their mufti.

P E Uniform

Only the school P E may be worn.
• Only the P E shorts must be worn.
• Polo shirts in house colours must be worn for P E and all sports days.
• White socks must be worn
• White or black trainers are allowed.

Weekly Dress Code

• Uniform is worn on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
• P E uniform is worn on Wednesdays
• Muftis are worn on Fridays

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Visit us at Blooming Greens School Yaba
  • #3 Connal Road, Off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos.
  • +2348145027214
  • info@bloominggreensschool.com